"Every therapist I have had (I am too embarrassed to say how many) has done some gentle prodding, asking if maybe I suffered abuse as a child, since many of my symptoms seem to align with those of people who have. I spent years racking my brain, trying to remember, wondering if there’s someone I could blame in all of this. In some ways it would be a relief to know that something caused all of this. But on the other hand, I’ve stopped looking for a reason. Maybe there isn’t a reason, maybe there is, but finding one wouldn’t fix anything. And it might start a whole new nightmare. If there’s something I don’t remember, I think I prefer to keep it that way."

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in between

this animation is just too cute and a great analogy for anxiety

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"I want us to make each other better."

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I’ve really had it up to here with pretentious punk white boys who trash religion all day long and don’t give a fuck about the interrelation of faith and cultural identity for people of color; like sorry the only culture you know is Ian MacKaye and the God Delusion, your overbearing christian upper middle class family and the shitty midwestern town you grew up in

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"I want to learn you.
I want to learn with you.
I want to learn from you"

— (afreedomtoexpress)

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we dont speak about pain because thats not what any wants to hear.

they want machismo. they want sports. they want fatherhood. they want bills paid..they want strength where there isnt any.

when a black boy stares at the ground something GOT em! some emotion done come…



Wrapped in Sage - Malcolm T. Liepke



Wrapped in Sage - Malcolm T. Liepke


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It’s like a little joystick.


It’s like a little joystick.

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